Complaints and Resolution Programs

When you hire a lawyer, you should expect professional and ethical behavior.

Fee disputes can be handled at no cost to clients through The Missouri Bar’s Fee Dispute Resolution Program.

Complaints about lawyers are investigated by the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, overseen by the Supreme Court of Missouri. Instructions on how and when to file complaints can be found at:

Locate additional information on complaint and resolution programs below.

Request a Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker to explain our state’s court system and how it works to ensure our rights and responsibilities under the law? Or do you need a speaker to explain a certain area of law? Then request a speaker from the bar’s Speakers Bureau.

Legal Glossary

This glossary includes frequently used legal terms to aid you in understanding the law.

Court Resources

Missouri’s Courts provides legal forms and instructions on how to file a lawsuit or  represent yourself in family court. Visit to download court forms. If you are representing yourself, click here.

Become a Lawyer

A career in law offers an opportunity for challenge, excitement, job satisfaction and good income. However, the competition for these jobs is keen and much hard work, effort and dedication is needed to succeed.

Before reaching a decision on a career in law, it is advisable to talk to your career counselor, or to a friend or neighbor who is an attorney or who has knowledge of or experience in the legal support field.

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