Here at The Missouri Bar, we know the demands that are placed on teachers. We recognize that you’re constantly juggling demands, leaving little time or energy to develop creative lesson plans. So often, it takes all your focus just to cover the essentials. Developing additional materials that provide a challenge for your students is a luxury most teachers simply do not have.

This is where we can help. This website offers an array of lesson plans and resources designed to provide you with free, high-quality materials that will not only challenge your students but also ignite their critical thinking, creativity, and independent thought processes, all within the context of American Government. These materials have been developed by successful teachers who have used them in their classrooms. We believe these scenarios, hypotheticals, questions, and discussion topics will enrich the experience of your students and enhance your enjoyment of your professional activities.

If you’re passionate about teaching and have a valuable lesson plan you’d like to share with your fellow educators, we invite you to connect with Dr. Anthony Simones at Together, we can create a vibrant community of teachers dedicated to making education even more inspiring and impactful.

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