The Missouri Bar Citizen Education Program, through the support of its members and with exceptional support from The Missouri Bar Foundation, provides extensive support for classroom learning about the law, the legal system, and the courts. From lesson plans to teacher workshops, The Missouri Bar is committed to helping teachers throughout Missouri understand and explain the law. The Missouri Bar Citizenship Education program will come to public, private and parochial schools to do an in-service for teachers on a variety of law related education, civics and government topics. One of the most popular programs is an in-service on how to effectively prepare students for the end-of-course test in American Government. The workshops are offered at no costs.

Lesson Plans

The Missouri Bar Citizenship Education Program develops lesson plans on series of topics for American Government teachers. The lesson plans cover issues on civil law, Fourth Amendment, juvenile justice in Missouri, the role and power of American president, the Constitution and other areas of law.

2022 Summer Institute

Since 2015, The Missouri Bar Citizenship Education Program has hosted The Summer Institute, a program designed for teachers who specifically teach American history, government and civics in Missouri schools. Get the 2022 materials and presentations on power in the American republic, the framer’s plan and history’s response!

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Teaching About the Courts

Are you teaching students about Missouri’s courts?  Here are some resources that can help.

First, a video from the Judicial Learning Center comparing state and federal courts. This video presentation will help students understand why we have both.

Second, The Missouri Bar recently released a podcast interview with Judges House and Page, discussion how Missouri’s judges and courts work.

Answering Ferguson in the Classroom

An article by the National Council for the Social Studies including resources for teaching about the Ferguson incident.

Voting Rights: A Short History

An excellent article by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The struggle for equal voting rights dates to the earliest days of U.S. history. Now, after a period of bipartisan efforts to expand enfranchisement, Americans once again face new obstacles to voting.

Resource Center for Learning About Government

Are you looking for information on teaching students about the government? We’re here to help! Listed here are resources to help teachers with remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teaching the Missouri Constitution

A firm understanding of the Missouri Constitution is important for all students in the state. The Missouri Bar provides free resources to help educators teach about the constitution and its impact on citizens.

Educational Partners

The Missouri Bar partners with many civic education groups, such as the YMCA Youth in Government program, KIDS Voting Missouri and 4-H. In addition, the state bar also serves as the state coordinator for iCivics, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s civic education program.


The Missouri Bar Advisory Committee for Citizenship Education (ACCE) established awards to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals, teachers, administrators and schools to citizenship education efforts in Missouri. Learn more about the awards, eligibility and application here.

Civics Education Resources

A list of civics education resources to help teachers prepare history, politics, government and other classes.

Contact the Advisory Committee on Citizenship Education

The Missouri Bar Advisory Committee for Citizenship Education (A.C.C.E.) oversees The Missouri Bar’s Citizenship Education program. The committee is unique in that it is the only Missouri Bar committee comprised of both lawyers and non-lawyers. The committee includes lawyers, civic teachers, administrators of other civic programs and civic organizations, and representatives from state government agencies. Members are appointed by The Missouri Bar president.

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