MissouriLawyersHelp.org is a website created by The Missouri Bar that provides a variety of resources and services to the citizens of Missouri. Members of the public may find a lawyer online, or download one of our publications on topics ranging from family law to living wills. Legal resources can be found here to help Missourians gain a better understanding of how the law impacts their daily lives.

Find a Lawyer

From our LawyerSearch tool to Discounted & Pro Bono Services, this page includes the various resources The Missouri Bar has available to help you find appropriate legal assistance.


Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org is a free service for low-income Missouri residents who think they cannot afford a lawyer to get answers about non-criminal problems from volunteer lawyers.

Learn more about how this service works by visiting the Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers FAQ page.

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Legal Topics

Legal topics: In today’s increasingly complex society, a basic understanding of legal issues is more important than ever. Through educational programs, publications, and more, The Missouri Bar helps citizens throughout Missouri understand and navigate the legal system.

Client Protection

When you hire a lawyer, you should expect professional and ethical behavior. Regardless of the efforts to maintain a high degree of competence and ethics among the members of the legal profession, some lawyers fail to meet those standards. If your lawyer violates the Rules of Professional Conduct  you may file a complaint with the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.

If you feel that you have been over charged, fee disputes can be handled at no cost to clients through The Missouri Bar’s Fee Dispute Resolution Program. In addition, The Missouri Bar created and maintains the Client Security Fund to compensate clients harmed by lawyers who violate the professional and ethical standards.

Public Resources

From dispute resolution programs to a statewide legal resources directory, The Missouri Bar has a wide variety of free information to help you.

Teacher Resources

Teacher resources: The Missouri Bar provides extensive support for classroom learning about the law, the legal system, and the courts. From lesson plans to teacher workshops, The Missouri Bar is committed to helping teachers throughout Missouri understand and explain the law.

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