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Memorial sculpture at Civil Courts Building to commemorate legal effort to free slaves

From the time of the Louisiana Purchase until the Emancipation Proclamation 57 years later, approximately 400 slaves filed suits in Missouri courts to demand their freedom, assisted by lawyers working without pay. Of course, it was a great challenge for a slave to get to court, but once there, they had a legal precedent on

Mini Law School: Municipal Courts Reform Efforts

Each year, The Missouri Bar collaborates with law schools and legal professionals from across the state to deliver Mini Law School for the Public courses. During these sessions, attendees can hear in-depth discussions about various law-related topics. This Public Podcast Series is an opportunity to hear recordings from the 2015 sessions. The shooting of Michael

2016 Mini Law School in St. Louis begins March 23

Each year, The Missouri Bar hosts a Mini Law School for the Public in cooperation with Saint Louis University School of Law featuring lectures on current legal topics from law professors and Missouri judges and lawyers. The 2016 St. Louis courses begin March 23, and the line-up includes discussions on everything from wrongful convictions and

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