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Revised handbook serves as journalist guide to the law and courts

In today’s fast-paced world, reporters are responsible for covering crimes, changing laws, Supreme Court hand downs and other legal decisions faster than ever. To assist journalists and help them even better cover the court system and law-related matters, The Missouri Press-Bar Commission has updated its popular resource – The News Reporter’s Handbook on Law and

Missouri Judiciary receives ‘Top 10 Court Technology Solutions Award,’ ranks third internationally

The Missouri Judiciary received a “Top 10 Court Technology Solutions Award” in July during the National Association for Court Management’s (NACM) annual conference, held in partnership with the International Association for Court Administration, in Washington, D.C. The awards were presented to recognize the best use of technology to improve court services and access to the now offering text message notifications

Many Missouri lawyers and residents use to stay in the know regarding changes and decisions in the status of a court case. Thanks to a recent update by the courts, keeping tabs on those updates can now take place via text message. In late 2016, the courts introduced a feature on called “Track

Juror Appreciation Week 2017 begins Sunday

Judges, lawyers and court clerks thank the 84,207 Missourians who reported for jury duty in state courts in 2016 as part of Missouri’s Juror Appreciation Week held April 30 through May 6, 2017. During the week, court staff and legal professionals will emphasize to jurors how important their contributions are to our courts, communities and

Memorial sculpture at Civil Courts Building to commemorate legal effort to free slaves

From the time of the Louisiana Purchase until the Emancipation Proclamation 57 years later, approximately 400 slaves filed suits in Missouri courts to demand their freedom, assisted by lawyers working without pay. Of course, it was a great challenge for a slave to get to court, but once there, they had a legal precedent on

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