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Newly elected Missouri Bar President Dana Tippin Cutler outlines goals to better serve members and the public

Kansas City lawyer Dana Tippin Cutler, a partner in her family’s firm of James W. Tippin & Associates, was sworn in Thursday as the 2016-17 president of The Missouri Bar. Cutler, the first African American woman to hold the position, took her oath of office as president before more than 800 lawyers and judges at

Governor signs bar-drafted, criminal-record-sealing bill into law

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon today signed into law Senate Bill 588—legislation that will make it easier for rehabilitated, former offenders to petition the court to close criminal records to the public. Supporters believe the update will help convicted individuals who have completed their sentence  get jobs. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Bob Dixon, R-Springfield, was

Close of legislative session sends bar-drafted bills to the governor

As the 2016 Missouri legislative session came to a close May 13, several bills drafted and sponsored by The Missouri Bar made it one step closer to becoming law. This year, 10 of the 12 proposals sponsored by The Missouri Bar were approved by the General Assembly. A condensed summary of successful bar-sponsored bills follows.

Missouri Legislature sends bar-drafted, criminal-record-sealing bill to governor

Some previously convicted individuals are one step closer to having their criminal records sealed after completion of a sentence thanks to bar-drafted legislation the Missouri Legislature passed Wednesday. The measure, SB 588, passed the House by a vote of 143-12 and the Senate voted 25-7 in favor, sending the bill to the governor for consideration.

Juror Appreciation Week 2016 begins Sunday

Judges, lawyers and court clerks thank the 69,098 Missourians who reported for jury duty in state courts in 2015 as part of Missouri’s Juror Appreciation Week held May 1 through May 7, 2016. During the week, court staff and legal professionals will emphasize to jurors how important their contributions are to the courts, their communities

Missouri Bar introduces newest public service announcement

Navigating the legal system can be a challenge – especially for non-lawyers who aren’t familiar with the judicial process or law-related terms. In a new 30-second public service announcement created to address this issue, 2015-16 Missouri Bar President Erik Bergmanis and a Missouri citizen discuss the many resources available to the public via, including

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