Mini Law School: Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts: how they work in the state and federal court system and the difference between common sentences for certain crimes, this lecture focuses on driving while intoxicated, a pervasive crime in our social structure.

Michael Gunn is an attorney with The Gunn Law Firm, P.C. and a municipal judge in the City of Manchester. Gunn says working as a municipal judge gives him the opportunity to serve the public and allows him to explore another avenue of the legal system.

Matthew Radefeld, of Frank Juengel & Radefeld in Clayton, Mo., specializes in federal and state criminal law and has a long service record with the U.S. military.

Gunn and Radefeld present the three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial.

Find out how dual sovereignty, federal versus state (municipal), is different than state versus municipal, how municipal courts are a part of the state court system and the three distinct parts of a municipal court. Gunn and Radefeld explain how the police fit into the structure, how their testimony can aid in convictions and the arraignment process.

Depending on the case, actions can proceed to either municipal court or an associate circuit court.

Burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, self-incrimination, suspended imposition of sentences versus suspended execution of sentence and other facets of the municipal court system are presented to attendees using real-life examples.

How many points are on your driver’s license? What happens when you violate probation?

Gunn and Radefeld also explain not everything is set in stone, and that what happens within the legal parameters much depends on each individual case and the main players in the court system.


Listen to the podcast here:

Missouri Bar Mini Law School: Municipal Courts 1 [Download]

Missouri Bar Mini Law School: Municipal Courts 2 [Download]

Each lecture and podcast is provided in two, 1-hour segments for easy downloading and listening. Stay tuned as the entire Spring 2015 six-week lecture series are posted as podcasts here on the Next week: Civil Rights Suits and Law Enforcement Officer Use of Force. 

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