Mini Law School for the Public: The Second Amendment

The more you know about the laws that affect you, the easier it is to make good decisions about your life, your family and your finances. Each year, The Missouri Bar collaborates with law schools and legal professionals from across the state to deliver Mini Law School for the Public courses. During these sessions, attendees can hear in-depth discussions about various law-related topics. This video is an opportunity to view programming from the 2017 spring lecture series.

Most Missourians know the Second Amendment provides for individuals to keep and bear arms, but how states apply the amendment has varied.

In this video, recorded during Mini Law School for the Public in St. Louis, lawyer Wesley T. Kozeny discusses the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, including the main areas of Missouri law that govern firearms. Kozeny, who is a gun collector himself, also touches on recent amendments that allow for “constitutional carry” in the state.

“It was really elegantly simple how they enabled permitless carry in Missouri,” Kozney said.

Other points in the lecture include:

  • Firearm categories
  • Sales and background checks
  • Age restrictions
  • Federal laws
  • Locations where carrying firearms is prohibited

Kozeny also takes questions from attendees, answering queries about gun registries, open carry, traveling with weapons and more.

Watch the lecture here:

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