Mini Law School for the Public: The First Amendment

The more you know about the laws that affect you, the easier it is to make good decisions about your life, your family and your finances. Each year, The Missouri Bar collaborates with law schools and legal professionals from across the state to deliver Mini Law School for the Public courses. During these sessions, attendees can hear in-depth discussions about various law-related topics. This video is an opportunity to view programming from the 2017 spring lecture series.

The First Amendment is widely known among Americans, but its application can sometimes be gray, like when it comes to hate speech, libel and protests.

In this video, recorded during Mini Law School for the Public in St. Louis, lawyer Joseph E. Martineau of Lewis Rice discusses the First Amendment and some historical and modern legal cases involving it, as well as a breakdown of the amendment’s meaning and how it applies to various situations.

“What you find in the First Amendment context is always these extreme cases on both sides are what make our law,” Martineau said.

Other points in the lecture include:

  • How the First Amendment functions in relation to social media and internet content
  • Footage of police interactions
  • Free speech, including symbolic speech and freedom of the press
  • The spread of fake news, lies and hateful speech online
  • Copyright issues
  • The Freedom of Information Act

Martineau also answers questions from the audience on topics including court injunctions and prior restraint, town hall meetings, private entities and more.

Watch the lecture here:

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