Mini Law School for the Public reaches more Missourians than ever before

Mini Law School for the Public reaches more Missourians than ever before

Mini Law School for the Public wrapped up its four-week lecture series in Columbia at the Boone County Courthouse with nearly 50 participants Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

Presented by two practicing attorneys and a judge, the session took an extensive look at how marriage and divorce is handled before the court, what procedures are involved in property maintenance and legal issues concerning child custody and child support.

“This is very interesting,” said Carl Block and Joyanne Block, attendees from Millersburg, Missouri. “We saw this event in the newspaper and it seemed intriguing. And it turns out to be really intriguing.”

Carl Block said before the lecture he did not know how complicated getting a divorce can be.

“There are so many perspectives in the matter of divorce. The children are the hardest part,” he said.

Thomas Minihan, 55, retired, said he enjoys the opportunity to be able to ask questions and interact with judges, lawyers and law professors. He said he hopes there can be more opportunities like the Mini Law School for the Public in the future.

Speakers at this session included Judge Leslie Schneider, Associate Circuit Judge for Division X, Gary Stamper, attorney at Walther Antel & Stamper, P.C., and Anna Lingo, attorney at Markel & Lingo Law Offices, L.L.C.

Schneider, who serves as the administrative judge of the Boone County Family Court, explained what it takes to be legally married in the state of Missouri. She also discussed the issue of same sex marriage and its current impact on the law in Missouri.

This session was part of the Mini Law School for the Public 2014 Fall Series hosted by The Missouri Bar. Interested citizens learn how to better navigate the legal field in a series of lectures taught by law professors, judges and practicing attorneys. The fall series were held at three locations across the state in cooperation with Saint Louis University School of Law, the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

This is the first time the lecture series was expanded to Columbia and Kansas City. Additional lecture series in these communities and other locations are being planned for 2015.
The programs are coordinated by volunteer attorneys and judges. For example, Schneider served as the planning committee chair for the Columbia lecture series, helping secure more than 10 speakers on an array of legal issues. Thanks to the participants, speakers and staff, the Mini Law School for the Public continues to be a success!

Want to learn more or have the Mini Law School for the Public come to your community? Contact us.

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