Mini Law School: Class Action Lawsuits

Each year, The Missouri Bar collaborates with law schools and legal professionals from across the state to deliver Mini Law School for the Public courses. During these sessions, attendees can hear in-depth discussions about various law-related topics. This Public Podcast Series is an opportunity to hear recordings from the 2015 sessions.

Jerome “Jerry” Schlichter says he has dedicated his life to “representing the little person – not companies, not insurance companies, not big corporations.” But, he admits, the catch to being a class action lawyer behind such lawsuits is “no fee unless you win” – sometimes after investing years of work.

He points to Volkswagen, which is currently facing a multitude of class action lawsuits for ignoring safety regulations. How do you take on a big company like that as an individual? You join a class action suit.

Schlicter has recently made headlines for being “Public Enemy No. 1 for 401(K) profiteers.” However, one of his first major success stories was taking on a civil rights case, accusing Rent-A-Center of discrimination against women in the workplace.

In 2003, Schlichter won a $47 million settlement for some 5,000 women who were terminated if they became pregnant, or were otherwise discriminated against if they couldn’t lift a certain amount of weight. In addition, the corporation agreed to make big changes to its hiring and firing practices.

This podcast is a two-part segment that features Schlichter’s fascinating journey of a career with humble beginnings in Mascoutah, Illinois, and his David and Goliath success stories of taking down corporate giants with unscrupulous motives against “the little person.”

Part one:

Part two:

Stay tuned as the entire series of podcasts is posted.

Interested in attending an in-person discussion? 2016 Mini Law School in St. Louis courses begin March 23. Click here for a full schedule of speakers and information on how to register.

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