Justice Matters: Missouri’s treatment court divisions provide gift of renewed life

The most recent “Justice Matters” column by Missouri Chief Justice Mary R. Russell takes a look at Missouri’s treatment court programs and how these programs bring hope to a great number of individuals and families.

Russell wrote in her column, “They do so by helping addicted parents, whose children have been removed, become sober and loving parents to their reunified families. They give military veterans who have served our country the opportunity to regain a life of which they can be proud, free of drug and alcohol dependence. They assist DWI offenders, who have endangered the lives of others because of their alcohol addiction, to become sober, insured and legal drivers. They help drug- or alcohol-addicted nonviolent criminal offenders, who otherwise would be headed to prison, become sober, employed and productive members of the community.”

Click here to read her column.

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