Juror Appreciation Week 2018 begins Sunday

Judges, lawyers and court clerks thank the 75,181 Missourians who reported for jury duty in state courts in 2017 as part of Missouri’s Juror Appreciation Week held April 29 through May 5, 2018. During the week, court staff and legal professionals will emphasize to jurors how important their contributions are to our courts, communities and legal system.

2017-18 Missouri Bar President Morry Cole said it is important to keep in mind that the right to a jury trial is a constitutional promise.

“Maintaining the right to a trial by jury is fundamental to upholding our constitution and democracy. As lawyers and judges, we appreciate those who give their time to promote justice for all,” Cole said.

More than 50 courthouses throughout the state will observe the week in different ways. Many will display a poster provided by The Missouri Bar thanking jurors for doing their part. Judges also may take additional time to thank jurors and to acknowledge the significance of their service. Other activities include special ceremonies and official proclamations marking the event. Even more Missourians can join the celebration and share photos of their activities on social media using #ThankAJuror.

“Our resources are here to help court officials celebrate this important event,” Cole said. “Observing Juror Appreciation Week—with visual aids, a visit from a judge or otherwise—reminds Missourians that their jury service helps carry out the promises stated in our country’s Sixth and Seventh Amendments.”

Missouri is one of only a few states that hold a statewide Juror Appreciation Week. The observance began in 2000 by an order of the Supreme Court of Missouri, which states, “Each year thousands of Missourians perform one of the most significant civic duties granted to citizens — they serve as fair and impartial jurors in communities throughout the state. To honor those citizens who have performed their civic duty, all Missouri courts are directed to observe Juror Appreciation Week…”

Visit the event webpage to learn more about Juror Appreciation Week or take a quiz to test your knowledge on jury service.

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