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Missouri’s Juror Appreciation Week 2017

April 30-May 6, 2017

Get Ready for Missouri’s Juror Appreciation Week
The Missouri Bar will be sending this year’s free posters and Juror Appreciation lapel stickers to any judges, jury supervisors, circuit clerks or lawyers who request them. By placing the posters in a prominent place, you can let jurors know they are appreciated in your community. The lapel stickers are another way to mark this special week by distributing them to court personnel to wear. Click here to order.

Poster (with date or without date)

2015 Juror Apprecation Week Sticker



Missouri is one of only a few states that hold a statewide Juror Appreciation Week, with more than 50 courts participating annually. The observance began in 2000 by order of the Supreme Court of Missouri. The order states, “Each year thousands of Missourians perform one of the most significant civic duties granted to citizens — they serve as fair and impartial jurors in communities throughout the state. To honor those citizens who have performed their civic duty, all Missouri courts are directed to observe Juror Appreciation Week…” Over the years, Missouri courts have found a number of creative ways to celebrate jury service.


From Sunday, April 30, through Saturday, May 6, Missouri will be celebrating the role of jurors throughout the state.

Why Participate:

  • Jurors deserve the recognition.
  • Missourians who have not yet been summoned to jury service will be reminded about the importance of serving as a juror.
  • Positive public relations for the courts.
  • Helps build a positive relationship between the court and community.
  • Because the most important aspect of patriotism is fulfilling our civic responsibilities.

How to Participate:

  • Consider designating someone at each courthouse to be responsible for coordinating any events.
  • Let others know what you are doing. When you order posters, provide details of your plans in the designated response box. (Please indicate who will be your court’s contact person.)

Contact the Media:

Local newspapers or broadcasters will be interested in letting your community know about any activities you plan. The media understand that jury service is important to individuals, courts and communities. The Missouri Bar will be sending a statewide news release about Juror Appreciation Week. However, the most effective way to let the public know about any events you plan is to have someone from your court call the local media or send a brief description of activities a week before they occur.

Possible Activities:

  • Courthouse decorations and signs honoring jurors such as the free posters provided by The Missouri Bar.
  • Information booths to distribute buttons, fliers, etc.
  • Ceremonies, programs or special greetings from judges to jurors.
  • Coupons, snacks or other items for jurors.
  • Certificates of appreciation for jurors.
  • Proclamation acknowledging Juror Appreciation Week by asking the mayor or other local government official to officially proclaim Juror Appreciation Week.
  • We also invite you to help us celebrate Juror Appreciation Week via social media using #ThankAJuror. You can do this by sharing photos of your judges, court staff or firm showing their appreciation during the week by hanging a poster or wearing a lapel sticker.
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