2015 Law Forum — Resources for Teachers

Professors from the University of Missouri School of Law presented on five different topics. The resources listed below include the lesson plans created by Paul Schmanke and the professors’ power points that are available.

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How Zoning and Housing Laws Can Shape a Community

Speaker: Professor Rigel Oliveri


St. Louis NeighborhoodsThe African American Experience

This lesson explores how neighborhoods across the St. Louis region were affected by community and government polices to geographically isolate African Americans through systematic limits placed on home ownership.  Numerous prime source documents are made available as a tool to tell the story of African American housing policy in the St. Louis region during the early to late 20th century.

Professor Oliveri provided several primary documents:

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Opening the Gate
  3. Confederate Flag
  4. Post WWI Restriction Ordinances
  5. Restrictive Deed Covenant
  6. Redlining
  7. White Flight

The Criminal Justice Process in the Context of Events in Ferguson

Speaker: Professor Frank Bowman


The United States Criminal Justice System  

This PowerPoint presentation give students the opportunity to take a walk through the United States Criminal Justice System from the arrest to the sentencing process with an emphasis on the indictment process.

Professor Bowman provided several primary documents:

  1. Presentation: The United States Criminal Justice System
  2. The United States Criminal Justice System Teaching Notes
  3. Your Journey as a Defendant in the United State Criminal Justice System
  4. Federal Sentencing Table

Protesting in the Context of the 1st Amendment

Speaker: Professor Chris Wells



This presentation gives students an overview of first amendment rights all protestors in the United States possess.  The when, where, what, why and how of protesting is examined in effort to give student a first-hand account protestors rights in the United States.

Professor Wells provided several primary documents:

  1. Presentation: Protesting
  2. Protest and the First Amendment Lesson Questions
  3. ACLU Protecting Handout

The Juvenile Justice System

Speaker: Professor Doug Abrams


Click here to download Professor Abrams’ power point presentation.

The United States Supreme Court: A Perspective from the Inside

Speaker: Professor Erin Hawley


IRAC and Case Briefing

This handout can give students a peek into the life of a law school.  How a judicial opinion should be read and a law school question should be answered are both detailed in these handouts.

Download the handouts here:

  1. What is IRAC?
  2. The IRAC Method
  3. Using the IRAC Structure in Writing Exam Answers
  4. Case Briefing


The United States Supreme Court

This material is a fun way to engage students about the dynamics of the United State Supreme Court through an internet search activity of the Supreme Court website and a “Name the Judge” handout.

Download the presentation and handouts here:

  1. Presentation: Supreme Court
  2. United States Supreme Court Internet Search
  3. Name That Judge Pictures
  4. Name That Judge Answer Sheet

Student Speech in a Public School

Speaker: Professor Melody Daily


School Speech

This lesson provides the four major United States Supreme Court cases involving student speech in schools along with a handout that student can complete to establish a better understand of student speech rights in public schools.

Download professor Daily’s power point and handouts here:

  1. Presentation: School Speech
  2. Student Speech Handout
  3. Bethel School Dist. No. 403 v. Fraser, 478 US 675 – Supreme Court 1986
  4. Hazelwood School Dist. v. Kuhlmeier, 484 US 260 – Supreme Court 1988
  5. Morse v. Frederick, 127 S. Ct. 2618 – Supreme Court 2007
  6. Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School Dist., 393 US 503 – Supreme Court 1969
  7. The Constitutional House of School Speech
  8. School Districts Map – County Boundaries
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