Blog’s helpful Track This Case feature will remain

The Supreme Court of Missouri has announced that the judiciary’s “Track This Case” feature will now be a permanent component on Track This Case allows website visitors to sign up to receive email notifications when a case of interest to the user is updated. The feature has gained more than 50,000 registered users since its pilot launch in November 2015.

In a press release issued by the Supreme Court, Patrick Brooks, director of the information technology services division of the state courts administrator’s office, said that Track This Case puts the power of information in the public’s palm.

“The feature is not only being used by the public, but it’s also being utilized by judges, attorneys and court clerks as a mechanism to gather information about selected cases easily and quickly,” Brooks said.

Along with signing up to track docket entries made in a case, users now can request to be alerted when a scheduled event—such as a court appearance or hearing pertaining to a case he or she selected to track—is either 10 or two days away, and when a payment due date is two days away.

Track This Case email notifications are distributed each evening and include information about cases that were updated before 5 p.m. that day. Individuals who sign up to receive email notifications can expect the notices to include three key pieces of information: the case number, the filing date and a description of what has been added or updated regarding the case.

To learn more about Track This Case, go to For assistance using the feature, contact the state courts administrator’s office at (888) 541-4894 or

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