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It’s a Wonderful Life: Celebrating a World with the Missouri Plan

by Dale C. Doerhoff, Chair and State Coordinator, Missouri Judicial Performance Evaluation Committees In the holiday classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey has a vision of what the world would be like if he had never been born. To his horror, Bailey sees that, without him, darkness and corruption take over. His idyllic hometown of Bedford

Missouri Bar Citizenship Education Program Awarded National Grant to Benefit Missouri Students, Teachers and Schools

The Missouri Bar Citizenship Education program has been selected to take part in a national program that will benefit Missouri students, teachers and schools when it comes to civics education. The James Madison Legacy Project is a three-year, nationwide initiative of the Center for Civic Education that will: increase the number of highly effective teachers

Three Reasons to Celebrate Bill of Rights Day

 Bill of Rights Day is Dec. 15 Why celebrate this day? One reason is that the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are considered the most important documents in our nation’s founding and history and are prominently displayed at our National Archives. We celebrate the events surrounding these documents every year:

Show Me the Constitution: Missouri High School Students Compete in New Missouri Bar Program

More than 50 high school students from across Missouri participated Monday in The Missouri Bar’s first ever Show Me the Constitution state competition at the State Capitol Building in Jefferson City. Students presented papers and answered questions about subjects such as Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Magna Carta.

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