Monthly Archives: June 2015

Justice Matters: Magna Carta Celebrates 800 Years of the Rule of Law

The following reflections of Missouri Chief Justice Mary R. Russell make up her most recent Justice Matters column. This month, we celebrate the 800th anniversary of a document that many believe inspired the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It was in June 1215 that Magna Carta first pronounced that

Flag Day: History, Design and Legal Challenges

The American flag has become an iconic symbol in our nation. It is flown over every important government building. It is on prominent display at sporting events. Soldiers and sailors have followed the flag into combat for more than two centuries. Most of us more or less believe that Betsy Ross made the first flag

A Guide for Relative Caregivers – Relative Caregiver Affidavit

There are thousands of children within the state of Missouri who do not live with their parents. Instead, they are usually cared for by family members who are referred to as relative caregivers*. As you may know, caring for a child is not easy. If you are, or may become, a relative caregiver, you may

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