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Have legal questions? Need to find an attorney? The Missouri Bar is here to help. Use our Lawyer Search to find a lawyer in good standing and currently accepting new clients. You can search by areas of practice or location. Included in the listing for these lawyers, you will find office addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and links to their firms’ websites.

Mini Law School for the Public

There has never been a better time to go to law school, especially if it is the Mini Law School for the Public. The Missouri Bar partners with law schools, local bar associations and libraries to bring this program to multiple Missouri communities each year. The more you know about the laws that affect you, the easier it is to make good decisions about your life, your family and your finances. Mini Law School for the Public is taught by judges, lawyers and law professors, catering to adults who are not in the legal profession.

For Educators

The Missouri Bar provides extensive support for classroom learning about the law, the legal system, and the courts. From lesson plans to teacher workshops, The Missouri Bar is committed to helping teachers throughout Missouri understand and explain the law. The Missouri Bar Citizenship Education program will come to public, private and parochial schools to do an in-service for teachers on a variety of law related education, civics and government topics. is a free service for low-income Missouri residents who think they cannot afford a lawyer to get free legal advice about non-criminal problems from volunteer lawyers. Visit today to see if you qualify for this service. Free legal answers online, anytime at

Public Resources

In today’s increasingly complex society, a basic understanding of legal issues is more important than ever. Through educational programs, publications, and more, The Missouri Bar helps citizens throughout Missouri understand and navigate the legal system.

Our resources for the public include:

  • More than 50 brochures that explain legal topics ranging from how to find a lawyer to your rights in traffic court.
  • A lawyer referral service that links Missourians with a lawyer in their area.
  • LawyerSearch, a searchable online database of lawyers accepting new clients.
  • Fillable and saveable Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Health Care Directive form (with its accompanying HIPAA form).
  • Speakers Bureau. Now you can get a clear perspective on Missouri courts from Missouri lawyers. Finding a speaker for your group who can cut through the politics and head straight to the core issues is as easy as contacting The Missouri Bar.
  • Client Security Fund. Download Client Security Fund claim form and Regulations and Rules of Procedure that govern the Fund.
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Dana Tippin Cutler recognized for continued public service

Missouri Bar President Dana Tippin Cutler received one of two Governor Mel Carnahan Awards for Public Service Feb. 9. The honor, presented during an awards reception hosted by the University of Missouri Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs, was established to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions through their public service, both paid

The Snapchat Trap

You can’t set a timer for the app’s arbitration clause (but you can opt out of it!) by Kevin Peek Self-destructing images and videos, once thought to only be found in the “Mission: Impossible” universe, can easily be created and dispersed by individuals through the popular social networking app Snapchat. Owned by Snap Inc., the

JCBA announces full Law 101 class schedule

Each year, the Jackson County Bar Association hosts a series of law-related lectures that are free, open to the public, and taught by judges and licensed lawyers. The JCBA’s 2017 class schedule is now available, and it includes topics ranging from family law and employment law to consumer rights and housing law. “Law 101 is

Revised Criminal Code narrows cases where students could be charged for schoolyard fights

The Missouri Revised Criminal Code, drafted by The Missouri Bar, took effect Jan. 1, 2017. Its implementation ushered in the first major updates to the Criminal Code in 35 years, and the changes were backed by a range of organizations. Senate Bill 491 directing the changes was originally passed with overwhelming support in the House

Missouri chief justice delivers State of the Judiciary Address

Supreme Court of Missouri Chief Justice Patricia Breckenridge told Missouri’s lawmakers and statewide elected officials Tuesday that Missouri citizens can be proud of their courts. That message came as part of her 2017 State of the Judiciary Address which took place during a joint session of the Missouri General Assembly at the State Capitol in

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