Find a Lawyer

Have legal questions? Need to find a lawyer? The Missouri Bar is here to help. Use one of our many resources to help you find a lawyer:

  • Lawyer Search is a free online tool to help you find a lawyer in good standing that is currently accepting new clients. You can search by areas of practice or location.
  • The Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers lets you confirm if a lawyer is licensed and in good standing with the Supreme Court of Missouri.
  • is a service for low-income Missouri residents to get free legal answers about non-criminal problems from volunteer lawyers.
  • View our list of discounted and pro bono legal service providers if you need assistance but can’t afford an attorney.

Mini Law School for the Public

There has never been a better time to go to law school, especially if it is the Mini Law School for the Public. The Missouri Bar partners with law schools, local bar associations and libraries to bring this program to multiple Missouri communities each year. The more you know about the laws that affect you, the easier it is to make good decisions about your life, your family and your finances. Mini Law School for the Public is taught by judges, lawyers and law professors, catering to adults who are not in the legal profession.

For Educators

The Missouri Bar provides extensive support for classroom learning about the law, the legal system, and the courts. From lesson plans to teacher workshops, The Missouri Bar is committed to helping teachers throughout Missouri understand and explain the law. The Missouri Bar Citizenship Education program will come to public, private and parochial schools to do an in-service for teachers on a variety of law related education, civics and government topics.

Public Resources

In today’s increasingly complex society, a basic understanding of legal issues is more important than ever. Through educational programs, publications, and more, The Missouri Bar helps citizens throughout Missouri understand and navigate the legal system.

Our resources for the public include:

  • More than 50 brochures that explain legal topics ranging from how to find a lawyer to your rights in traffic court.
  • LawyerSearch, a searchable online database of lawyers accepting new clients.
  • Fillable and saveable Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Health Care Directive form (with its accompanying HIPAA form).
  • Speakers Bureau. Now you can get a clear perspective on Missouri courts from Missouri lawyers. Finding a speaker for your group is as easy as contacting The Missouri Bar.
  • Client Security Fund. Download Client Security Fund claim form and Regulations and Rules of Procedure that govern the Fund.
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One Missouri citizen’s jury duty experience

In celebration of Jury Appreciation Week, we asked Columbia resident Zach Buckler to share about his experience serving on a jury. Learn more about the importance of jurors at by Zach Buckler  I have always been fascinated by the American system of democracy. We frequently learn in school and through the media that our

Juror Appreciation Week 2018 begins Sunday

Judges, lawyers and court clerks thank the 75,181 Missourians who reported for jury duty in state courts in 2017 as part of Missouri’s Juror Appreciation Week held April 29 through May 5, 2018. During the week, court staff and legal professionals will emphasize to jurors how important their contributions are to our courts, communities and

Free materials help Missourians create advance directives

The Missouri Bar provides free form to assist Missourians for National Healthcare Decisions Week April 16-22 Few people enjoy thinking about end-of-life decisions, but many advocates say doing so can help take stress off loved ones later. Missourians can easily set up their own durable power of attorney for health care thanks to free materials

Revised handbook serves as journalist guide to the law and courts

In today’s fast-paced world, reporters are responsible for covering crimes, changing laws, Supreme Court hand downs and other legal decisions faster than ever. To assist journalists and help them even better cover the court system and law-related matters, The Missouri Press-Bar Commission has updated its popular resource – The News Reporter’s Handbook on Law and

Are you being scammed?

State bar resources can help protect Missourians from fraud and the unauthorized practice of law In today’s digital landscape, it’s easier than ever to be duped by individuals claiming they are lawyers. Just type “fake lawyer” into an online search engine, and you’ll find dozens of news stories where victims, thinking they were working with

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